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Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

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Why Dieting Doesn't Work

The first three letters of the word DIET illustrate how most people feel about losing weight.

Dieting can help you to lose weight in the short term. However, countless studies have shown that dieting rarely leads to consistent and permanent weight loss over time. The reason for this is that to diet means to deprive yourself from the foods and drinks you find pleasurable, and sometimes even irresistible.

Deprivation and restriction never leads to long term, consistent, healthy weight loss. Dieting may lead to a temporary peak, but it will inevitably lead to a very deep trough.

Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

My weight loss programme ultimately focuses on one, single goal: to help you to achieve a new, empowering, permanent lifestyle change.

This means using hypnotherapy to help change the way you feel about food and drink at a subconscious level.

When you go on a diet, you consciously tell yourself that you shouldn't eat and drink the unhealthy foods and drinks that have led to your unhealthy and undesirable weight.

However, because you still find those foods and drinks pleasurable at a subconscious level, you are fighting a battle that cannot be won. It is inevitable that you will eventually succumb to the temptation of those unhealthy foods and drinks you love so much. It's then very likely that you'll put back on any weight you may have lost.

By making changes at the subconscious level, you will be able to develop a healthier relationship to food and drink. This includes adopting a more mindful approach to eating and drinking, and to have a more attuned awareness towards the quantity and quality of the food and drink that you put into your body.

Through simple, daily habits, you can very quickly build unstoppable momentum as you strive towards the size and shape that you have always dreamed of becoming.

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